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Using AsyncTaskLoader in Xamarin Android

I can't find an example of implementing a custom AsyncTaskLoader in Android, I checked and found that you can't implement it using generics as in the Android SDK. the LoadInBackground() returns Java.Lang.Object.

any advice on how to implement this


  • I have the same problem right now. Did you (or somebody else) ever find a solution to this? What do you do if you can't cast the result, because you can't derive your classes from Java.Lang.Object? Or what's the best alternative to use instead of a Loader and LoaderManager?

  • Ravi.7914Ravi.7914 USUniversity


    Even I am also looking an example how to use AsyncTaskLoader in xamrain. I am not able to find how to return the customobject in LoadInBackground() method.

    Any one can help me in this It will be great


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