Update issues


A few observations when updating my Xamarin installation.

  • Clicking on release notes in Visual Studio updates screen opens about 12 windows in chrome. See attached image.
  • On the same screen, can lose feedback on whether download is happening. The progress bar stopped – so I closed and opened again, to try and kick it into motion, but now I just get “download in progress” and cannot tell if it’s really downloading. I don’t think it is as it’s taking too long. Update – I closed visual studio, went into options and started it again. This time the progress bar was present again and moving. So it had got stuck somehow.

For the following feedback it probably helps to understand my use-case. I was affected by https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=20134 and another http bug, I forget the number. This meant I couldn’t take an update for a few months until they were fixed recently. (Update - seems they're not fixed anyway) We’re closer to release now, and I’m having some random issues on our Android app, so I figure it’s worth a shot updating to see if the problems are indeed now fixed. I need to know which version to download that will contain the fix.

  • There are no dates on release notes. This is always nice – if I see the release happened before the fix was even committed I can rule it out.
  • Too many version numbers. Could all components follow a single numbering sequence? Eg. Xamarin 3.5 has Xamarin.Android 3.5. Of course you could still use the minor revision to update with build number.

    • Commit hash/date.
    • Mono version number.
    • Each of the components have separate number sequences. Xamrin.Android / Xamarin.iOS / Xamarin Studio / Visual Studio integration, etc.
    • Xamarin universal installer version number.
  • Xamarin universal installer doesn’t list the versions of the contained components. I had to install 3.3 to find out it didn’t contain Xamarin.Android 4.16 with the fix I need. (Because it opened a webpage for those release notes – so I think it’s right. That said, installing 3.5.5 beta didn’t open any Xamarin.Android pages, so I’ll just have to try it and see.)

  • Is it still possible to update Xamarin.iOS/Android separately? While I like the combined approach for simplicity (above version number confusion aside) it would have been hard to workaround the bugs I encountered before with this.

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