Initial Setup Help! Mac vs Windows vs Front-End vs Back-End

Beachside_JasonBeachside_Jason USMember ✭✭

Hello and thanks for reading! I have a background as a C# and JAVA developer and am new to Xamarin. I'm working with 2 other developers to create a app for iOS, Droid, and (maybe) Win8 & Fire app. We all have PCs, we are all distributed (FL, NY, GA - USA), and we all know java and C#. We have some free Azure credits so we might use Azure. One developer is going to strictly do non-UI work (object model, database, authentication, etc.). I'm trying to keep costs down so I'm looking at Mac Minis. Also I have an apple developer account, do my other team mates need one too? Does anyone have a recommendation on how I should get everyone setup? I'd be thrilled to pay someone knowledgeable to help guide me through this so I can get to coding ASAP. Cheers from Melbourne, FL!


  • Beachside_JasonBeachside_Jason USMember ✭✭

    Btw, I have been able to borrow my fiancee's MacBook Pro and use that as a build host, but that seems a bit clunky. I'm coding on one machine but the iOS simulator comes up on another machine. Is that just me, does anyone have/like that setup? Also, all my teammates do have access to iPhones and Droid phones.

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