iOS - Coding on Windows in Visual Studio, debuging on Mac Host in VMware

I'm coding in visual studio 2012 on windows7, but I need to debug iOS applications on Mac host which is located on windows in VMware. But if I had opened 2 solutions and try to debug first one and then the other i can't. In first solution i connect to Mac and debug normally. But in second solution I can't even connect to Mac host. If i close first solution and reload second, i can connect normally.
Is this normally or just in my case.


  • RobertSalitaRobertSalita USMember ✭✭

    I'm just a user but I'm guessing the answer will be that the Mac host is serially available (one open solution, close before next) but isn't simultaneous available (two open solutions at same time). I believe the act of opening a solution kicks off a host dialog, and perhaps a subsequent semaphore lock. I doubt VMWare plays into it.

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