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"Couldn't Enable Build Sever" when starting Xamarin.iOS Build Host

CraigKittermanCraigKitterman USMember, University

I am trying to start the build server so i can connect Visual Studio to my Mac to start my first iOS project. When I run Xamarin.iOS Build Sever on my Mac, i get an error "Couldn't Enable Build Server". The description reads "Please check your installation is correct. See error log for more details." When i click "View Build Host Log..." from the menu, i get another dialog that says "Xamarin.iOS build server log file doesn't exist yet. No log file.".

I found a log file here ~/Library/Logs/Xamarin/MonoTouchVS/mtbserver.log that appears to update every time i try to launch this. Here is the contents of the file after one attempt:

[27-Aug-2014 14:53:08] Activation error: Initial entitlements: iOS Business 2015-01-21 00:10:28Z
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:08] Activation error: Running license sync for iOS
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:08] Error: Couldn't enable mtbserver: 1
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:09] Activation error: Building request for POST to, with content length 652 and content type text/plain, without cookie.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Built request for POST to, request ID: 1127425408.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Executing request 1127425408.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Wrote request stream for request 1127425408.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Got response 695543296 for request 695543296.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Reading response 695543296.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Read response stream for response 695543296.
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:10] Activation error: Updated license: iOS Business 1/21/2015 12:10:28 AM
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:11] Normal: Starting RefreshStatus : full : True showSpinner : True
[27-Aug-2014 14:53:11] Normal: RefreshStatus Completed.

Can anyone help?


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