Development Hardware: to Mini or not to Mini?

ChaseFlorellChaseFlorell CAInsider, University mod

In developing our apps, we prefer hardware to emulators. We've already got a number of Nexus devices (4, 5, 7), an iPhone 4, and a Nokia Lumia 520. Now it's time to add an iOS tablet to the mix.

Is there any benefit over having a full sized iPad over an iPad Mini? I prefer smaller devices, so don't have an interest in a full sized iPad just for testing (I'd like to get some use out of it). But I do already have a Nexus 7 on the android side.

Will universal apps tested and approved on an iPad Mini render differently or potentially look off on a full sized iPad?


  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    The iPad Mini with Retina has the same resolution as the iPad Air and iPad with Retina, so everything should display the same. The iPad Mini (without Retina) has exactly half the resolution of the others. If you follow Apple's advice and use points instead of pixels, it shouldn't matter.

  • JasonAwbreyJasonAwbrey USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

    As I understand it, the current Mini Retina is identical to the iPad Air in terms of specs. I don't think there is any particular downside to using a Mini for testing - it's my primary device

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