ScrollView view bounds and clipping bounds not consistent when stretched in Grid cell

DanVanderboomDanVanderboom USUniversity ✭✭
edited August 2014 in Xamarin.Forms

I have a Grid for my page layout, and in one cell I have a FillAndExpand(H&V) ScrollView and enough content to scroll. When I set ScrollView.IsClippedToBounds to true, it clips at the Grid's (its parent's) bounds instead of its own.

This seems like a bug, but if it's by design I'd like to understand better how this is all supposed to work. So far, everything I've seen in Xamarin Forms has been eerily intuitive and rational, especially naming standards and API structure.

The workaround: put the ScrollView inside another container (I used an empty ContentView, not sure if that's a good idea?), place that control in the right Grid cell, and now it will work.

If the ScrollView's view bounds and clipping bounds can be different, then may I suggest a ScrollView.ClippingBounds property or something similar?


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