Issues having a video play as a background for my main screen. Any ideas?

EsauREsauR USMember
edited August 2014 in Xamarin.iOS

I keep getting this error:
xamarinpcl[1618:60b] _itemFailedToPlayToEnd: { kind = 1; new = 2; old = 0; }

Here's what I've tried:

            MPMoviePlayerController mpPlayer;
            mpPlayer = new MPMoviePlayerController (NSUrl.FromFilename ("Videos/file.m4v"));

            mpPlayer.SourceType = MonoTouch.MediaPlayer.MPMovieSourceType.File;

            View.AddSubview (mpPlayer.View);

            mpPlayer.SetFullscreen (true, true);
            mpPlayer.PrepareToPlay ();
            mpPlayer.Play ();

I've googled and found various issues that people had with Objective-C, but none seem to really work.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get a video playing loop as a background?

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