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August 5: Seattle, WA: What's coming for device and services developers next year in .NET

JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

Date: August 5th 6PM

Location: City University in Seattle WA (6th and Wall)


This month we are extremely excited to have Rich Lander from the .NET team presenting on all of the great things upcoming for .NET in 2015!


"The .NET Team has a set of major releases planned for 2015, which bring great improvements for all app types. We'll focus on .NET Native and ASP.NET vNext, which will be of particular interest for device devs, for device apps and the back-end services that support them. .NET Native and ASP.NET are a big step forward technologically and offer much greater performance and flexibility.

.NET Native is a new compilation technology that compiles C# code to native binaries, using the VC++ back-end compiler. It relies on a new runtime and framework stack that is optimized for device scenarios. Your apps are fast, including startup and overall throughput. .NET Native supports Windows Store apps for its first version.

ASP.NET vNext exposes an updated web and services programming model that merges MVC, Web API and Web Pages APIs into a single API that supports those same workloads and patterns. It also supports SignalR. The vNext stack is built on top of an optimized runtime and framework stack for the Web. Everything, including the runtime, is NuGet with this model. You control updates and versions. This stack will run on Windows, Mac and Linux and works best on Microsoft Azure.

We're also cover the new support for taking advantage of Microsoft services (ex: Office 365) in your apps, including Xamarin apps for iOS and Android. These services are popular with Microsoft enterprise customers, and may be important for one of your next projects.

You can try out all of these changes now, in VS "14" CTP 2. You'll see them all demonstrated in the talk.

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