AND 301, IOS 301 & XAM 410

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These classes have been on the list since at least January, but they appear to still be unavailable. I'm waiting to renew my subscription to Xamarin University until after they are being offered. Any idea when this will happen? "Very soon" is relative, and based on when I started getting that as an answer I've decided that we define it "very differently".


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    Hi @MatthewPierce‌,

    Our intention was to have them by now, but Xamarin.Forms took priority once it launched. You've probably noticed we've got four courses online for Xam.Forms now (Intro, XAML, Data Binding, and ListViews/Collections). We've also got some TestCloud classes about to launch, all of which is great. The casualty is that the two 301 classes and the 410 classes took a backseat.

    At the same time, we are converting the older classes to the new material/presentation format - I know it's not on your radar Matthew, as you've likely already gone through them, but half the original curriculum is now converted and we are working on the second half, Mobile in Data is next and it's got some excellent new content in it This effort, of course, also impacts our new class delivery.

    We were premature in advertising those three classes, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't put them online until we've got it ready to run, and that's the approach we've started taking now. It actually takes a long time to get a class written and tested / ready to teach, and then you have to give the trainers time to prep on the materials before it can go live - so putting our plans online, while great for advertising, is not so great for you guys because there's a delay there.

    These three you cited are not forgotten, all three are going to be presented at Evolve (in a different format, but the same material), they will then go online here, either just before or just after that; but they are being actively developed as I type, by our curriculum staff. I can't promise they will be online before your subscription runs out - but I can say we've got a lot of awesome content planned and have been hiring more curriculum developers to try to streamline and accelerate the process.

    I'm sorry for the delay on these three - several people have asked about them, so clearly people are excited and that's great. It's my fault for pushing that initial outline of classes too soon and I apologize, hopefully some of the other new classes will partially make up for it!

    Thanks for the question - you'll be the first one I announce the classes too!

    Mark Smith
    Xamarin University | Curriculum

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