What are the differences between Xamarin.Forms.Shared and Xamarin.Forms.Portable?

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Hi everybody,

I want to learn what are the differences Xamarin.Forms.Shared and Xamarin.Forms.Portable Project?

Which one do i use for new project?

If i choose Shared Project what is advantages and disadvantages?
If i choose Portable Project what is advantages and disadvantages?

Thank you.

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  • vijay.krvijay.kr USMember

    Hi Craig,

    You are perfectly right. It's as simple as that, if you are going to developer mobile app using Xamarin.Forms then only PCL is the best option in every aspect. so it's for code manageability, Unit Testing, etc.

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    @AdamP, people love your blog... @MigueldeIcaza give a chance to @AdamP

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    @AlessandroCaliaro - thanks for the continued endorsement :) Since its all part of MS now, I highly doubt people can just be hired on a whim, I will have to keep an eye on the MS job postings.

    However, considering my post mentioned above is the exact opposite stance @MigueldeIcaza takes on Shared vs PCL, I'm not sure it will win me any points :smiley:

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