WinPhone: "this project type is not supported"....

Can you please give me some information on why the .WinPhone project in the EmployeeDirectory demo app (from xamarin-forms-sample-master) does not load ?...neither does the EmployeeDirectory or the EmployeeDirectoryUI projects.

I’m using VS 2012 Ultimate, and I have the windows SDK installed, and I also installed the WinPhone toolkit through NuGet (“Install-Package WPtookit”).

I also don't understand why NuGet installed it into the .iOS project:

PM> Install-Package WPtoolkit
Installing 'WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16'.
Successfully installed 'WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16'.
Adding 'WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16' to EmployeeDirectory.iOS.
Successfully added 'WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16' to EmployeeDirectory.iOS.

I feel like I have all the requirements to support that project platform within the solution, but it seems not. I've noticed the same behavior with some other demo apps as well. The .Android and .iOS projects did load fine though....but I need all three to be fully operational with the app I will eventually be writing once I know how to get all the wheels to speak...




  • BarryONeillBarryONeill USMember

    I installed more stuff...and all the projects are now loading in the EmployeeDirectory sample application...

    After installing: Windows Phone 8.1 development tools worked. I guess my misunderstanding was that the Windows SDK and the NuGet package ("Install-Package WPtoolkit") was all I needed.

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