IBOutletCollection in xcode 4.6

VamsiPrattipatiVamsiPrattipati USMember, Beta, University

I just upgraded to xcode 4.6 and outlet collections are not reflected back in the designer.cs file. These worked fine until I upgraded to xcode 4.6. Anyone face this issue?

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  • VamsiPrattipatiVamsiPrattipati USMember, Beta, University

    A little more detail:

    Xamarin Studio version: 4.0.1 (build 9)
    Apple developer tools: Xcode 4.6 (2066) Build 4H127
    Xamarin.iOS: Version:

  • IkiIki USMember, Beta

    Same problem here :(


    xCode Version 4.6.1 (4H512)

    Xamarin Studio
    Version 4.0.3 (build 13)
    Installation UUID: 4e4bf6ac-b298-403d-93f0-e82b63317abd
    Mono 2.10.12 (mono-2-10/c9b270d)
    GTK 2.24.16
    GTK# (
    Package version: 210120000

    Apple Developer Tools
    Xcode 4.6.1 (2067)
    Build 4H512

    Version: (Business Edition)

  • IkiIki USMember, Beta

    Thanks Jeffrey!

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