Unable to Select Main Interface in Info.plist in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2


I seem to be unable to use a Storyboard from a new Empty iOS application. I can add one fine, but when I go to select to make that the default interface the field list is empty. When running the app the screen will just be black and blank. The console log will say that a root view controller should be selected.

I noticed that if I use any of the samples I see the same behavior, however they are able to run and load the proper view from the storyboard. I can build on a sample, but I find it odd that I can't select the other storyboard. I've attached a screenshot to this post to explain what I am seeing. Anyone else seen this. It may just be a silly new mistake on my part, being new to Xamarin.


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    I should note that if I create the same base templates in Xamarin Studio on the Mac, the list is selectable and I can find the storyboard.

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    Ok, I have found a fix/workaround. But this seems like a big to me as they don't mention anything like this in any tutorials I've seen and the field still is blank, but as a workaround here is what I did.

    I opened the Info.plist file generated by Visual Studio and compared it to the one generated by Xamarin Studio.
    The tags were different. In Xamarin it asked for hte UIMainStoryboardFile, where the Visual Studio asked for the NCMainNibFile

    So I changed:
    <key>NSMainNibFile</key> <string></string>
    <key>UIMainStoryboardFile</key> <string>iPhoneMain</string>

    And then I was able to run the app from Visual Studio after that using this storyboard file. Again, note that when I go to the Info.plist proper interface the drop-down is still empty. Seems like the plugin isn't using this file correctly or scanning for storyboards? Maybe it's just my setup. I did some searches on some old bugs, and saw this in an earlier release I think, but I can't seem to find the post again at this moment.

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    I can confirm the same behaviour!
    Moreover, this bug not allow me to upload app to AppStore - did not pass validation.

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