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Hi, I have some questions about the Xamarin MessagingCenter (X.MC), who knows the answers? I have to switch over from Catel because that does not seem to work at the moment...

  1. Somehow I suspect X.MC does not use weak linking, so objects and subscribers are retained in memory unless I manually unsubscribe?
  2. Does X.MC handle thread-switching? Or are the lambda's run in the context of the sending process (e.g. the background worker sending updates)? If so, it would make the code much more readable if you could subscribe on the current thread (e.g. UI thread receiving updates from the background worker). Maybe this could be done using a simple extension method?

P.s.: the code in the docs is still not displayed correctly (double html-encoding for brackets). And the answers to the above questions might be useful to add to the docs...

Thanks for the input

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  • winsiderwinsider USMember


    Did find any answers to these two questions? It would be useful to know these answers...


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