Xamarin.Mobile error trying to add reference to WinPhone project...

I have a Xamarin.Forms project with Android, iOS, and WinPhone projects. I downloaded Xamarin.Mobile from the Component Store. Added it to Android project, added it to iOS project...when I try to add the reference to the WinPhone project, I get an error that reads:

"A reference to a higher version or incompatible assembly cannot be added to the project."

No further information is given...any ideas? (I am trying to add the Xamarin.Mobile.dll found in the lib\wp8 directory.)

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  • ChrisSellsChrisSells USUniversity ✭✭

    Thanks, Dylan. That saved me. I would've never thought that the internet bit would be the problem.

    Any idea why the WinPhone project isn't just in the list of projects when I add the Xamarin.Mobile NuGet package to my solution or why it doesn't come up when I do a search for the Xamarin.Mobile NuGet package to the WinPhone project directly? It seems like an oversight.

  • aksaks USMember

    Still i am getting same problem when try to add dll.I have also tryed the top solution,but still same.
    Please help ............................

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