splitActionBarWhenNarrow for a single activity

RobEdwardsRobEdwards GBMember
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I'm trying to find a way to set the splitActionBarWhenNarrow option for a single activity in my application. I have a manifest file but it looks like the activity elements are generated from the Activity attribute. However as there doesn't seem to be a uiOptions property on that attribute I'm a bit stuck trying to figure out how to apply the attribute. Anyone got any ideas?


  • cfraz89cfraz89 USMember

    I've also got this problem. I attempted to work around it by removing the activity annotation and manually specifying it in the manifest, however trying to run the app simply results in "Deployment failed. Internal Error" when doing this.

  • cfraz89cfraz89 USMember

    Actually that was due to a syntax problem in my manifest :P
    That means that for now you can manually add the activities into the manifest if you remove the annotations. Would be great if there was an ActivityAttribute.UiOptions though.

  • RobEdwardsRobEdwards GBMember

    Ah cool thanks, didn't realise that was an option.

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