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Background page captures keyboard input when displaying modal dialog with PushModalAsync

Hi, I've been following some of the advice on how to implement a login page when using Xamarin Forms, that is to use PushModalAsync from a root page (which itself is hosted in a NavigationPage) so that you can display a login page without having the system show a back page.

Unfortunately, what I am seeing is that the root page (what would act as the 'home' page for my app) is receiving input even though I am displaying a modal page.

I'm testing using the Genymotion simulator.

What I see is that when I use the PC's tab key it does not go directly from the first entry control (for username) to the next entry control (for password). Instead it is going to an entry screen on the parent home page!

I can tell this because I can type in some text. Then finish logging in, and when I pop to the home page, I can see the text I typed in.

Is this a known issue?

Anyone seen anything similar?

Am I doing something obvious wrong? Any workarounds?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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