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Android deployment error

DeanChalkDeanChalk GBMember ✭✭

just created a simple Xamarin.Forms app, and although the IPhone version deploys fine, with android Im getting

/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild/Xamarin/Android/Xamarin.Android.Common.targets: Error: Error executing tool '/Users/deanchalk/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx//tools/zipalign': ApplicationName='/Users/deanchalk/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx//tools/zipalign', CommandLine='4 "bin/Debug/YooDooForms.Android-Signed-Unaligned.apk" "bin/Debug/YooDooForms.Android-Signed.apk" ', CurrentDirectory='/Users/deanchalk/BitBucket/YooDoo/YooDoo.Mac/YooDooForms/Android', Native error= Cannot find the specified file (YooDooForms.Android)

Any ideas?


  • dooglidoogli ZAMember
    edited June 2014

    I'm having the same problem. the double slash after android-sdk-macosx makes me suspicious, but besides that I note that zipalign does not exist in the tools folder. I think this has something to do with installing platform support for Android SDK - and which APIs you want to support, so I'm fiddling Android SDK manager now. Will post if I make any progress. I'm trying to support everything from ICS updwards and this problem emerged when I started messing with the installed SDKs. Have you had any joy yet @DeanChalk?

  • JasonAwbreyJasonAwbrey USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

    see this thread

  • DeanChalkDeanChalk GBMember ✭✭

    sorted - thanks

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