Can't run unit test after adding reference

TronThomasTronThomas USMember

I am using Xamarin Studio 5 .0.1 (build 3) on Mac OS X 10.9.3. I created a solution for a simple console application that I was going to develop using Test Driven Development. I set things up to use NUnit test framework, and started trying to write a test.

I discovered a shortcoming with some of the test technologies I wanted to use for testing, so I created a new Library project and developed a utility. I created this utility as a separate project as it was pretty generic and could be used for multiple applications. I developed this utility using Test Driven Development writing a couple of test needed for the implementation.

I then went back to my original project and added a reference to this new utility. Now I am finding that even though my unit test compiles successfully it does not run. Instead the project is now running the tests that come from the reference utility I added and the test in my actual solution does not execute at all. I am very puzzled by this and have not yet figured out how to get things to work.

What can help me get to the state where my unit test will execute successfully?

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