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Use Xamarin Store Components on Xamarin.Forms


First of all, thank you for the awesome job by give XAML support on Xamarin. Its even more amazing now that we can not only share code, but share UI with Xamarin!

So, as a pre-Xamarin.Forms Xamarin user, I bought some components on Xamarin Store, like for example, the very expensive Shinobi charts.

Now that my customer asked for a Windows Phone version of the App, instead of create a new Native WP8.1 app, I'll migrate all my code to Xamarin.Forms so we can better maintain the xplatform resources with it.

The point is, for this specific project, I use Shinobi for their Chart and I wonder if someone can help me understand how can I leverage existent components on Xamarin.Forms.

I know that Shinobi is an iOS binding from the native component, so it only be used with the iOS part/project.

So, how can I use different controls for my project based on the platform? Does anyone has a sample/tutorial?

Thank you very much guys for the help and keep going with the awesome work! I really appreciate that!


Best regards...



  • DanielLDanielL PLInsider ✭✭✭✭

    Hello, I think you can use a custom renderer. Everything is described in "Video on making custom renderers" post (one of the first at this board).

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