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CLLocationManager StartMonitoring only stores the newest CLBeaconRegion

JeredMcFerronJeredMcFerron USMember
edited June 2014 in Xamarin.iOS

Hey guys,

I'm attempting to region and range two separate UUIDs for iBeacons. I'm finding that CLLocationManager only reports events for the LAST UUID I set to it, and regardless of the number of "StartMonitoring" calls I make, the count returned is always 1.

Example code looks like this:
CLLocationManager.StartMonitoring(CLBeaconRegion with UUID 1)
CLLocationManager.StartMonitoring(CLBeaconRegion with UUID 2)

and I will only receive events for UUID 2.

If I comment out the second call and run, I will (obviously) only receive events for UUID 1.

Is this possibly a bug with the Xamarin layer for CLLocationManager? I verified that when using 3rd party iBeacon apps, they successfully monitor multiple UUIDs.


Update: The RegionTag, one of the arguments when creating a CLBeaconRegion, must be unique across all CLBeaconRegions. Otherwise it will update the UUID of an already created CLBeaconRegion.

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