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EntryElement list not storing data

nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭


I have a MT.D set up so that I am storing the EntryElements in a List. I've added them fine to the Section, but when I edit one of the cells, the new value isn't being stored.

Am I correct in thinking that for an EntryElement, if param2 (the placeholder) is string.Empty, that the value itself is ignored?

My code looks a bit like this

var entry = new List<EntryElement>();
int c = 0;
foreach(var d in data)
    entry.Add(new EntryElement(caption[c], string.Empty, d));

Root = new RootElement("Editor")
   new Section("")
       from en in entry
          select new EntryElement(en.Caption, string.Empty, en.Value);

There is a bit more to my code, but essentially that's all I'm doing with the EntryElement. Am I missing a trick here as to why the EntryElement isn't storing the values passed in?


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