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I had a Xamarin Business which I got last May, and I haven't renewed (yet).

On my Mac I can happily continue writing Android and iOS apps (albeit with slightly outdated versions of Xamarin), but on my Surface Pro (logged into same account) it says I only have the starter edition.

According to

Can I continue to use Xamarin when my subscription expires?

Yes. Your Xamarin license is perpetual. If you choose not to renew your subscription, you will no longer have access to new releases and support, and we will be very sad.

Which would certainly seem to be the case on my Mac, but not on my Surface Pro. I understand some changes took place in November around the licencing, but I understood that those changes only affected purchases after the new policy was in place - which is not the case in my case.

I've downloaded the licx file and placed in C:\ProgramData\Mono for Android\License (as per, but whenever I start Xamarin Studio it deletes the licence and puts in a file called "UseStarterEdition" and then prompts me about Xamarin Android being expired.

Any ideas? I dont fancy lugging my Mac around for dev on my commute!



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