[Xamarin Blog] Lights, Camera, Action – 3D in iOS 8 with Scene Kit

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Just posted: Lights, Camera, Action – 3D in iOS 8 with Scene Kit on the Xamarin Blog.

Read the full article to learn how to use Scene Kit in iOS 8.

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  • dopescrilldopescrill USMember

    Hi Michael,
    First off thanks for the 3D Scene Kit post, very useful and cool stuff! I am currently prototyping an app where I would like to have a 3D-Globe that can be populated with users inputs from a database (essentially add pins to the globe based on back-end data...) and was wondering if you have or know of a detailed explanation of how to achieve this? I know there is source code for rotating globes out there but seem to only be able to find some what old versions (pre-2012)...

    Thanks again for the post

  • TroyDawsonTroyDawson USMember ✭✭

    I've gotten Xamarin.Mac to do SceneKit coding in C#, but I'm finding myself blocked with setting the SCNSceneRendererDelegate to get its Update() callback -- my app is just hanging on launch.

    The init code looks like this, from the iOS SceneKit sample:

    class TestDisplay : SCNSceneRendererDelegate
        SCNView sceneView;
                . . . 
        public override void Update(SCNSceneRenderer renderer, double timeInSeconds)
            Console.WriteLine("update in");
            Console.WriteLine("update out");
        internal TestDisplay(NSWindow window)
            sceneView = new SCNView(window.ContentView.Frame);
            sceneView.WeakSceneRendererDelegate = this;

    . . .

    not overriding the Update() method results in normal running.

    putting a breakpoint in Update() results in a crash.

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