Breakpoints do not hit in async methods after first await.

kyurkchyankyurkchyan AMMember ✭✭

Hello all.

I'm using both xamarin mac and xamarin visual studio. And have a big problem - not being able to debug my async code. You know right that programmer without debugger is like person without limbs (at least I :) ). I saw couple of forums and bug reports like these
First one wasn't my case and in the second one there is no solution given, just general "reinstall will fix", but that is not a reinstall problem.
I actually have contacted Xamarin support, and they said that I need to make a bug report. I'll do that, but point is may be someone has also come across this problem and found workaround? Because this is a quite serious problem, and stops my work and I can't wait till the bug gets fixed.
Thanks for your attention.


  • I have the same problem since my last xamarin studio update...

  • AlexWhiteAlexWhite GBMember ✭✭✭

    I stopped using the debugger for any threaded app a while back because I could not get it to work properly.

    I have littered by code with console.writeline to see what is going on.

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