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Exoplayer Pitch Xamarin forms

AjoyMandalAjoyMandal USMember ✭✭
edited February 23 in Xamarin.Forms

I used exoplayer into my xamarin forms cross platform app.
Regarding the pitch, I want range between -4 to + 4 semitones.
I used code for set pitch

var _context = global::Android.App.Application.Context;
 var defaultBandwidthMeter = new DefaultBandwidthMeter();
 var adaptiveTrackSelectionFactory = new AdaptiveTrackSelection.Factory(defaultBandwidthMeter);
 var defaultTrackSelector = new DefaultTrackSelector(adaptiveTrackSelectionFactory);
SimpleExoPlayer _player = ExoPlayerFactory.NewSimpleInstance(_context, defaultTrackSelector);
PlaybackParameters parameters = new PlaybackParameters(speed, pitch);

speed, pitch are the two variable.
How to apply pitch value (-4). I know negative pitch is not supported on Exoplayer.
But my requirement is , I can change pitch frequently -4 to +4. How it posssible. Please know me a possible way. I am waiting for response.

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