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Navigate from Xamarin Forms TabbedPage to a Native view while keeping the history/backstack

MingLiMingLi USUniversity ✭✭

Hi, I am hoping to do something like the image above, using MvvmCross, Xamarin Forms and Native Views. The image is for demonstration purpose, the actual UIs are more complicated. I have looked into the MvvmCross Playground project, as well as the source codes for the presenters (i.e. MvxForms[Ios||Android]ViewPresenter and MvxFormsPagePresenter). I created a custom presenter from the MvxForms[Ios||Android]ViewPresenter and tried to show the native view (view controller/fragment) as a navigation page, but I was not successful. I also looked into topics such as Embeded Native View and custom render, without success. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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