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How can I access to txt file in my samsung galaxy watch

mommekmommek Member ✭✭

Hi, I do my reseach on google, but I don't find any solution for my problem. I have my galaxy watch app in xamarin and tizen and I have simply method to write my log data into log.txt file:

    public static void writeLog(string text)
        string fileName = Path.Combine(Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData), "shared.res.log.txt");
        string now = DateTime.Now.ToString("");
        File.AppendAllText(fileName, now + " " + text + "\n");

This is working, because I have log page on my app and it shows my data. So there really is log.txt file, I suppose on /shared/res/ folder.

So... How I can download this file to my PC? I'am using Visual Studio 2019 + Tizen Device Manager for pushing my app to my watch. In tizen device manager I have access to probably all files in my watch, I even see this file but I can´t downloaded it :( see screenshot.

I dont have any of those characters in my txt file when I open it from my watch.

Any advice? :-)

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