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Bluetooth and Android


I've been studying Xamarin Essentials for some time. And I want to create an application that will use bluetooth. When I searched on internet, I did not find any youtube tutorial and all the nuggets were outdated.

Then most of the links lead to the waters of Java and Android studios :(

I've been thinking about using the native android API. All I need is if it only works on android. Now the question is whether to try it on Xamarin or slowly start with Android Studio. Now I have no idea where to start in Xamarin.

Is there a current and relatively simple way to achieve bluetooth data transfer between devices in Xamarin?
Won't it be unnecessarily complicated?

Thank you for any help!



  • LeoZhuLeoZhu Member ✭✭✭

    You could still refer to them. In Xamarin, you only need to convert Java codes to C# codes.

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