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How to capture fingerprint with UareU to database- xamarin.forms

I build a desktop app for my client which capture student's Bio data including fingerprint using U.are.U Digital persona. But now they want a mobile version of the same app. The question is how can I use U.are.U to capture fingerprint in xamarin.forms


  • jerryjohansson.2662jerryjohansson.2662 USMember ✭✭

    Hi auwalengr,

    Did you ever manage to get the info to get it to work?
    I have trouble - when using the DPDUruNet dll - trying to get the fingerprint reader.
    I get "Unable to load DLL 'dpfpdd.dll'.

    It works in a Win Form. The only reference dll in Win Forms is DPDUruNet.dll.
    In the UWP project, I have registered the reference DPDUruNet, but I'm not allowed by VS 2019 to add dpfpdd.dll as a ref.


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