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ImageCaptureCore on iOS

AressemAressem GBMember ✭✭


I believe ImageCaptureCore was introduced into iPadOS and iOS 13, and I'm successfully using the Xamarin libraries for Xamarin.Mac but there doesn't seem to be any bindings for iOS.

A few questions:

  • am I missing something - are they actually there but I'm looking in the wrong place?
  • if not, is there information somwhere on how to create bindings to part of the iOS native frameworks. The examples for creating binding libraries all seem to expect the source code (although I may be misunderstanding how to do it as I'm not very familiar with the binding-side of Xamarin)

I've written a very basic iOS binding library which defines an ICDeviceBrowser with start/stop and isBrowsing flag, but (a) I'm not sure how this resolves to the real framework although it seems to be as it's complaining if I get names wrong in the Export definitions, and (b) it all falls apart when I start trying to define an ICDeviceBrowserDelegate... and I'm not sure I'm really going down the right line with this which makes it a bit difficult to fully commit!

Any help in this area would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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