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WebView large video

alex100915alex100915 Member
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I am trying to add a video to html5 video like:

var htmlSource = new HtmlWebViewSource();
                htmlSource.Html =
                    [email protected]"<html>
                    <body style=""text-align: center;"">
                    <video controls controlslist=""nodownload"" style=""text-align: center;height: 100vh;"">
                    <source src=""{file.Path}"" type=""video/mp4"">

I cannot manage to load files larger than approximately 10mb, bellow that size everything works fine.
I tried also as base64 string and on real phone as well as on emulator

Please help

Edit: I just discover that happens only for file picked from storage - for large taked from camera movies everything works

Edit2: Seems like a problem with base64 string. Sorry to bother you.

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