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Plugin.InAppBilling Purchases Fail (iOS)

Hi Folks,

I have developed a XF application, though it is only being used for iOS at this point in time.

I want to add In App Purchase functionality to the app, so I am using PlugIn.InAppBilling package for this.
I believe that I have set up the products on the App Store correctly - I can use the plugin to return a list of products without any issues.
But on my test device whenever I attempt a purchase, I get a generic "Unknown Error" message returned.

Any idea why I can call GetProductInfoAsync to return the products, yet the actual purchase fails?
Is there something in the client that I need to configure?
Is there something on the server that I have missed? Something to do with the Sandbox user?
Is there somewhere on the App Store Connect that I can see why a purchase failed?

Thanks for your help.



  • Hi Jarrod (and others)!

    I'm also getting the "unknown error" when trying to make a purchase. I don't even get the list of products to be retrieved from the AppStore, so how did you manage that?

    This is my first experience with in-app purchasing. The struggle started today.

    What I've done:

    • Created the app on AppStore (first version, never released, button for "Submit for Review" is enabled)
    • Have App-ID with In App Purchases enabled (enabled by default, right?)
    • Have both a Development and a Distribution certificate
    • Added two Auto-Renewable Subscriptions (values filled in so they're "Ready to Submit")
    • The product Ids first hade the format "SomethingLikeThis" - after finding some recommendation I scrapped those and created new ones following the "" format - no diff
    • Created a sandbox test user - never signed in with it from Settings or anywhere else, only verified the password

    What I've tried:

    • Tried using StoreKit directly from the iOS project - only to get the product ids back in the "invalid" collection
    • Tried using PlugIn.InAppBilling - seems smooth and intuitive, but kind of the same problem - I use it from the iOS project
    • Tried with the simulator in debug and release mode (doesn't seem to be working at all since XCode 12)
    • Tried with physical device, debug and release, deployed directly from the dev machine - signed with Dev cert
    • Tried uploading a test build to AppStore and installed it on physical device through TestFlight - signed with Dist cert
    • Googling and finding a lot of questions (here, SO, Apple) but few answers

    I'm at:

    • XF (still)

    If there's anyone who can point in some direction I'd be really happy!

    (Sorry Jarrod if I just hi-jacked your question - hopefully we can both benefit)

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