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Unittesting MVVMcross navigation

Im using MvvmCross for viewmodal navigation

I want to verify Xamarin command navigation from unit test.

How can I verify the navigation

This is my implimented code so far

public class UnitTestViewModelTest : MvxIoCSupportingTest
        private readonly Mock<IMvxNavigationService> _mocMvxNavigationService;       
        private readonly UnitTestingViewModel _unitTestingViewModel;
        public UnitTestViewModelTest()
            _mocMvxNavigationService = new Mock<IMvxNavigationService>();
            _unitTestingViewModel = new UnitTestingViewModel(_mocMvxNavigationService.Object);

        public void NavigateVerify()

I have tried with navigation verify it gives me an compilation error

_mocMvxNavigationService.Verify(s => s.Navigate<NavigateToNextpageViewModel>(), Times.Once());

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