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Sensor for taking off watches + expanation of black screen

mommekmommek Member ✭✭

Hello, I will be glad to get some explanation of differencies between screen on / screen off, press home button and state that I look at watches or I turn writst apart...

What I'm dealing with is, that when I open my app, BPM is measuring and I take off my watches - I get "-3" state of sensors and I can do some stuff like notification and other. BUT when I open my app, BPM i measuring and I turn my wrist apart, screen goes black and sensors are not working. That I can notify, if someone take off watches.

Is there any solution to not turning off sensors, when screen goes black..? When you press home button and go back to app = sensors are working, but when screen goes black, it dont.

BTW.: sometimes, when I look at this app - screen goes black. It shouldn't do that right? I have set turn off screen after 5 minutes.. I look to my app and sometimes it goes black itself...

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