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Apple TV (tvOS) app too large

jamesdlowjamesdlow Member ✭✭

I'm trying to build my tvOS app for the AppStore. It's way too big at over 400MB. For comparison, the iOS app which uses the same libraries, just with a Xamarin.Forms UI rather than UIKIT is only 40MB.

I've tried all 3 linker settings, All, Frameworks, and None. They all lead to large app sizes, although with link all it was over 1GB. The DLLs total only a few MB in the package, but the main binary is the part over 400MB

I created the tvOS project from the template within Xamarin. I did have to add the AppStore target to the .csproj XML file, and it seems to still be outputting the build files to bin\iPhone\Release, rather than bin\iPhone\AppStore which I have specified in the tag.



  • jamesdlowjamesdlow Member ✭✭

    I have one thing to update. I just checked the Release->iPhone Simulator build. (same settings), it's small, so it's like the AppStore build isn't picking up the settings.

  • NghiaBuiNghiaBui USMember

    Same question here. Anybody can help?

  • jamesdlowjamesdlow Member ✭✭

    I managed to track mine down to my own common library .dll which I use in my projects. Once I include and use code in that, the linker makes the build really big. I am using the same library on iOS though and the build is 1/10th the size.

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