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Xamarin.Mac application damaged or incomplete.

SanyaAndreichukSanyaAndreichuk USMember ✭✭
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I'm working on a few Xamarin.Mac apps and recently when I'm trying to run them using new versions of VS Mac and Xamarin.Mac tooling (the apps were running fine a few months ago with an older version of tools), I'm getting these errors

  1. "Unable to launch application to debug, possibly due to it crashing quickly. See for more help." when trying run app with a debugger.
  2. "Cannot execute MyApp.exe" when trying to run the app without a debugger.
  3. "You can’t open the application “MyApp” because it may be damaged or incomplete." when clicking on the built app icon in finder

The app is running/working fine when I try to run it from the terminal using the command

I'm using Xamarin.Mac Full target framework. Thanks for any help.

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