How can I use iOS?

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I am beginner with Xamarin. I´d like to build a litte test application with xamarin in android and ios. But in the Studio theres only the chance to build android projects and no ios projects. Where can i find it? I am using Xamarin starter.

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    What operating system are you on? If you're on Windows, Xamarin Studio does not support building iOS applications. You have to use the Xamarin for Visual Studio plug-in, which requires a Business subscription or higher (or you can start a 30-day trial). If you're on Mac OS X, then you should have the ability to build iOS applications.

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    Thank you very much for your answer. It was very helpful.
    I am giong to try the 30-day trial, because I am on windows.

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    Where can I get this 30-day trial?
    And on more question. If I want to use the business subscription, have I to buy it oder is it automatically activated after 30 days?

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    To get the 30-day trial, just use any feature that requires Business edition, such as the Xamarin for Visual Studio plug-in. When you attempt to create an iOS or Android project in Visual Studio, you'll be prompted.

    When the trial ends, Xamarin will revert back to whatever subscription you currently have (Starter in your case). No automatic purchase to worry about.

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    Also note that if you're using Visual Studio to build iOS apps, you MUST have a Mac to serve as your build host. There's no way around this as this is an Apple licensing restriction. So you'll either need a Mac of some sort on the same network, or you can run a Windows VM on a Mac.

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    ok. Thank you very much. These answers are very helpful. =)

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