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VisualStudio freezes for over a minute when debugging.

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Hello, I have Windows10 Pro, with Hyper-v installed. I am using the Google repository for getting the Android emulator, and every time I try to load my project for debugging, VS2019Community freezes for just over a minute. The app loads in the emulator kind of slow, but it's a debug build so I'm expecting some slow down.
My project has a 1gb memory space for the Jvm in the Android project file.

Does anyone have any off the top of the head things to check? or should I expect that a minute or so is not bad?
Computer is a Acer Predator Helios 300 315-p1 64gb Ram 3.86ghz cpu. I think the GPU is running on the intel instead of the nvidia, but I don't know if VS is GPU optimized for non game code.

Anyhow any ideas would be most appreciated.

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