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wkwebview was invalidated error when using js in disappearing method

snowlsnowl Member ✭✭
edited December 2020 in Xamarin.Forms

I need to take page content before page close so I override OnDisappearing method and I use EvaluateJavaScriptAsync("document.documentElement.innerHTML"). But I take wkwebview was invalidated error because of the webview destructed.I wait EvaluateJavaScriptAsync but not work. How can I take page content just before page close ?

async protected override void OnDisappearing()

            if (bkmrk) {

               var content = await sayfa.EvaluateJavaScriptAsync("document.documentElement.innerHTML");
               await DisplayAlert("ok",content,"ok");





  • snowlsnowl Member ✭✭

    Any help ?

  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    To avoid the error I suggest you move the logic into Navigated of WebView , and then get the value anywhere(in OnDisappearing method) .

       webview.Navigated += async (sender, args) =>
                //content is global variable
                content = await webview.EvaluateJavaScriptAsync("document.documentElement.innerHTML");

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