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UI shows differently in mac OS 10.14 (Mojove) and 10.15 (Catalina)

pnerkarpnerkar Member ✭✭

I have below function which set the position of Toolbar window as per below

private void SetWindowFrame(NSWindow window)
var btnFrame = _statusItem.Button.Window.Frame;
var cloudViewHeight = window.Frame.Height / 2;
var xPos = btnFrame.X - window.Frame.Width / 2 + btnFrame.Width / 2;
var yPos = btnFrame.Y - window.Frame.Height - 4;
var rect = new CGRect(xPos, yPos, window.Frame.Width, window.Frame.Height);
window.SetFrame(rect, true);

When I run the app and test in 10.15. everything looks good but when i run in 10.14 . it showing vertical spacing issues

When i debug the application rect has same values both the 10.15 and 10.14

I am very puzzled why its not looking the same in both OS and showing space 10.14 and not able to resolve spacing issue in 10.14

Any suggestion or pointers would be highly appreciated

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