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Any advice on implementing accessibility for Xamarin.Forms ListView?

JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

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When using VoiceOver on iOS to interact with Xamarin.Forms (4.8) ListViews, the user experience is pretty poor. For example, when ViewCells contain Labels that have the iOS UIAccessibilityTrait.Header trait specified, using the Rotor and swipe up/down to navigate between headers has issues. Even when the ListViewCachingStrategy is set to RetainElement, swiping will not navigate to a header that is not currently visible (i.e. it won't scroll into view, even if it has previously been viewed). Also, if the accessibility focus is currently outside the ListView, swiping up/down will not move the accessibility focus to an item with the Header trait inside the ListView.

Does anybody who has implemented accessibility in their Xamarin.Forms app(s) have any recommendations for how to add accessibility for ListViews? (not just VoiceOver, but other accessibility support too if possible).

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