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How to update the navigation bar color in UIImagePickerController in Xamarin Forms (triggered via We

In one of my Xamarin Forms project, I am in a situation where the webview triggers the opening of native UIImagePickerController (iOS) for Photo selection/Camera via JavaScript. In my app we use Transparent/Clear color for the Navigation bar mostly and only when the UIImagePickerController is presented, we want to change it to default color or some other Tint colour for the Navigation Bar (appearance).

Is there a way for us to do it easily? I did some research and looks like UIImagePickerController does not like to be wrapped up and so there is no Custom Renderers written in Xamarin Forms SDK for that.

How can I detect initialization of a UIImagePickerController natively and make the UINavigationBar appearance change for that change? Also, I want to detect the closing/photo picking from the UIImagePickerController and reverse the UINavigationBar appearance to the normal (clear color) one for our app as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance!

Sagar S. Kadookkunnan


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