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how can I disable back/navigate button in Title bar UWP app page extend MvxWindowsPage?

vinothswamivinothswami Member ✭✭✭

I am using MvxWindowsPage

UWP app showing Navigate/back button as default whereas I have created on my own. I don't need the back button in the title bar.

I tired
var currentView = Windows.UI.Core.SystemNavigationManager.GetForCurrentView();
currentView.AppViewBackButtonVisibility = Windows.UI.Core.AppViewBackButtonVisibility.Collapsed;

in the OnNavigatedTo but it's not at all working.

And I tried, below codes in app.xaml.cs it is also not working.

            //SystemNavigationManager.GetForCurrentView().BackRequested += OnBackRequested;

            //SystemNavigationManager.GetForCurrentView().AppViewBackButtonVisibility =
            //    rootFrame.CanGoBack ?
            //    AppViewBackButtonVisibility.Visible :
            //    AppViewBackButtonVisibility.Collapsed;


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