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libssl0.9.8 compilation error after update to big sur

After upgrading my mac to big sur I am unable to compile the app that was previously worked on my pc.

I get the following error:

ld: file not found: /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib for architecture x86_64
clang : error : linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

when i go to /usr/lib I really don't see anything related to libssl,

but i do have openssl installed.

$ openssl version -a
OpenSSL 1.1.1h 22 Sep 2020
built on: Sat Nov 14 10:33:30 2020 UTC
platform: darwin64-x86_64-cc
options: bn(64,64) rc4(16x,int) des(int) idea(int) blowfish(ptr)
OPENSSLDIR: "/usr/local/etc/[email protected]"
ENGINESDIR: "/usr/local/Cellar/[email protected]/1.1.1h/lib/engines-1.1"
Seeding source: os-specific

and i added the link paths to bash_profile

Has anyone encountered this issue?


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