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Should the soft keyboard close when the accessibility focus rectangle leaves an Entry?

JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

When using VoiceOver on iOS with a Xamarin.Forms app, if the Visual UI (VUI) focus is on an Entry AND the Accessibility UI (AUI) focus rectangle is also on the Entry, the soft keyboard will be visible. If the VoiceOver user swipes to move the AUI focus to a different control in the accessibility tree, the VUI focus remains on the Entry and so the soft keyboard currently (in XF 4.8) remains visible. This can result in a confusing user experience, as well as resulting in the AUI focus ending up on controls that are not actually visible in the VUI (such as controls behind the soft keyboard).

My thinking is that it would make sense that when VoiceOver is being used, when the AUI focus leaves an Entry, that the soft keyboard should be closed. The soft keyboard should reappear (as long as the VUI focus in on the Entry) if the AUI focus moves back to the same Entry, or if VoiceOver is closed.

I'd be interested to hear whether others think that would be sensible, and whether XF should do it by default. Also, what should happen to the VUI focus if the AUI focus moves to a different Entry/Editor (I think nothing unless the VoiceOver user then selects that other Entry/Editor)?

No right on wrong answers - just after views.

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