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VoiceOver stops at very first label on a card in HorizontalListView

AnkitParekhAnkitParekh USMember ✭✭
edited October 2020 in Xamarin.Forms

I am using Sharpnado.Forms.HorizontalListView 1.3.0 (also tried the latest 1.7.1) to display cards in a horizontal list.

  • Xamarin.Forms and iOS 13.7 & 14.1

    1. Voice-over was reading all cards present in the horizontal list view till iOS 13.7 although I was unable to click on any of the subviews on the cards, on tapping it was selecting the entire HorizontalListView.
    2. On testing this behavior on iOS 14.1, voice-over reads the very first label on the very first card and stops there, and does not move forward, the same way I was unable to tap and select any of the subviews on the cards.
  • Downgrading Xamarin.Forms Version to 4.6.0 & 4.7.0 and tested on iOS 14.1

    1. There is a slight improvement in the behavior when I tried downgrading Xamarin.Forms Version to 4.6.0 and 4.7.0, voice-over was not reading the cards though but it was allowing me to tap on each and every label and allows to double tap on the buttons displayed on the cards.

I upgraded Sharpnado.Forms.HorizontalListView to the latest version and tried with various versions of Xamarin.Forms (as a combination) but no luck.

JFYI, I have already added normal AutomationProperties to HorizontalListView and CustomCardView. I have also tried upgrading to Xam.Forms 5.0.0 pre-releases but it behaves in the same manner as for

Let me know your thoughts on this, what else I can do to fix this issue on iOS?

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