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Android simulators in Xamarin (Visual Studio) wont start in ASUS UX410U Notebook - Windows 10

Its 3 days that i am trying to get Xamarin in Visual Studio working unfortunately with no success. The errors that i get when i am trying to start android simulators are the following:
Missing config.ini file in the AVD data folder
or Device System image is incomplete and cannot be launched. Do you want us to reinstall the image?
Pressing OK wont fix the problem.
I have tried many times to reinstall xamarin deleting all xamarin folders and files i could find in my filesystem and repairing Visual Studio but the same problems pops up every time. I really dont know what else to do since i am new to Xamarin.
Furthermore, in the avd folder in a simulator folder (e.g. pixel_2_oreo_8_1__api_27.avd) there are only 3 files (config, sdcard, userdata) when in another pc that xamarin works fine there a lot more (files and folders).
I really could use any help.
Thank you in advance

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