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Update on iOS 14.1

AlexeyShavrukovAlexeyShavrukov USMember
edited October 2020 in Xamarin.iOS

I've updated xamarin to and XCode to 12.1. Trying to build my iOS application under iPhoneSimulator. Everything was fine before but now getting this error:
Target _CompileToNative:
/Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework/Versions/Current/bin/mtouch @/Users/sledder/Projects/cteleport/src/CTeleport.Mobile.iOS/obj/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/response-file.rsp "--gcc_flags=-Xlinker -sectcreate -Xlinker __TEXT -Xlinker __entitlements -Xlinker /Users/sledder/Projects/cteleport/src/CTeleport.Mobile.iOS/obj/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/Entitlements.xcent"
Xamarin.iOS (xcode12): 7ec3751a1 using framework: /Applications/
MTOUCH : error MT0024: Could not find required file '/Applications/'.

So my question is if we use iPhoneSimulator14.1.sdk then why are we trying to find iPhoneSimulator14.0.sdk?

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